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a link to pass on... please repost.

Many folks have asked how they can help with Fran's Lyme Fighting Hella Pretty Army.

I have created this cool widget that you can copy and repost where ever you like. We need to raise at least $5000 so she can continue with treatment.
If we can get 2500 people to donate $3 it will insure that she can beat this!! We can call it Queer as a 3 dollar bill donation

Thank you thank you thank you so much for everything that has been done so far. Much love to all of you!!


A story!

So, the beloved adopted kid uniformscout is over here, and so when I thought to myself that I was gonna make a $3.00 donation for everyone in the house; me, The Ruling Reddcub, Her Royal Highness, The Pirate Tranny Kitty Goddess Afsoun: Bane Of Arachnid Kind And Harbinger Doom and now Scouty makes four, which means twelve bucks. So, I clicky-cliky, went throught the Paypal thingy, and just as I was getting ready to bellow to one of the boys to fetch my wallet so I could input the credit card info, I get a receipt.... Say wha?

I immediately think that Paypal, which I haven't used in a month of Sundays, has old credit card info, and my donation is going to bounce!!!! While fighting off images of ruined reputations, I frantically log into Paypal..... To find I have a a BALANCE????

Then I remembered... Something I bought online was refunded through Paypal when I never got it.... Like eight months ago......

So now, after my donation, I have this odd balance of $11.97 left... Now what the Hell am I gonna do with such a cumbersome amount?

S y'all got that too.

Best of luck. My thoughts are with you and yours.

Re: A story!

(((big bear hug))) thank you!!! it really means a lot! you made me smile real big tonight.

May 2009

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