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An Urgent Urgent Plea for help.

Soon we will be sending a thank you note to everyone that has donated towards Fran's treatment. We are so very grateful! We have reached a crucial point in Frans treatment. She has a picc line in place where she is receiving anti-microbial IV treatments twice a week. These treatments are approx $350 each. She was able to start this treatment only because of your generosity- now if she is to complete this potentially life saving treatment we will need your help again.
Please consider donating today. The funds that have already been raised have been used for treatment. I know the economy is difficult for all of us. I believe if we reach enough people that can make small donations we can raise enough to beat this. Please pass this on. Please help get the word out.
You can visit her site to donate or learn more about Lyme. www.helphealfran.org

You can also donate by visiting my profile page here at LJ where there is a link to a paypal button. This money goes into an acct that is only used to pay for meds and her doctor.

Other donation methods available as well..bank acct...etc.....we can be as creative as necessary so that she can complete treatment.


we just donated as much as we could and I had another idea but I wanted to run it past you first... I was thinking of making t-shirts, buttons, etc. where the proceeds would go towards fran's fund but the idea I had was to be kinda cute and appealing enough for people to want to get it, but I'm worried it is stupid or lame or inappropriate so I wanted to run it past you first. it's a lime with a bandaid on it and then, optionally, a green ribbon (like the red aids or pink breast cancer ribbons) and we can add a little text to it like "I helped fight Lyme disease" or the helphealfran URL or whatever ... I sketched up a quick mockup of what I was thinking and I can email it to you both and you can decide what you think.. the shirt shop I use doesn't charge anything to make and post the products online, and you can set the commission to be whatever you want, and the shirts and stuff are kinda pricey to begin with (by my standards, anyway) but it could potentially be a creative way to try and raise additional money... what do you think? let me know and if you're into it, I'll design it on the computer and set up a little shop for you guys and promote it on my sites and stuff.
I love it!!!
You are very talented.

May 2009

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